A.J. Ashman, Candidate for President


Ainsley Ashman Jr. is in his third year as a mechanical engineering student at the University of Michigan. Born and raised in Columbia, Maryland, he served as senior policy advisor on CSG in the Schafer Administration during the 2016-2017 school year. Most recently, he worked as Chief of Staff to the CSG Vice President, Nadine Jawad.


As Senior Policy Advisor, A.J. worked on textbook affordability, reforming the University calendar, and student voting. As Chief of Staff, much of his policy work pertained to housing and educational affordability, and managing CSG commissions. A.J. understands what makes CSG effective – and what holds it back. Having conferred and collaborated with all eight executive commissions, A.J. knows from experience that progress is best facilitated when everyone works together as a unit. He’s ready to talk about the issues, listen to your concerns, and keep the momentum towards a better campus going!

AJ Ashman


Charlie Bingham, Candidate for Vice President


Charlie Bingham is a junior from Flint, MI majoring in Political Science. He’s passionate about environmental justice, and has worked with the Office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health to carry out community education and positively affect how environmental policy is implemented.


Charlie currently serves as an LSA Representative. Charlie has spent the last two months working on the campus climate committee. He recently co-wrote a resolution to build more support for La Casa. Charlie is thrilled to be running this campaign with A.J., and hopes to have the opportunity to make positive changes for this campus as CSG Vice President.

Charlie Bingham